My inspiration to create lives in cultivating and maintaining a healthy soul. I paint as a distraction to my depression. I find the overactive mind naturally quiets when its hands are distracted. That negative thoughts have little room in a head full of ascetically pleasing color schemes and innovative ideas. And I'm moved by how humbling it is to see tough and daunting emotions translated into abundantly warm works of art.

My name is Bree Lavilo Ellis. 26 years old, born and raised in the countryside of Marshall, Michigan. The last seven years I've found myself up and down the coast of California and am currently residing in Los Angeles. Though my heart is in San Clemente, always. I am a homebody, long time yogi, lover, and all around simple being who flocks towards peace. An artist all my life and a painter for the last three years.

Certainly it's a cliche, but for now what I hope people can take from my work is that there's so much beauty in the struggle. In being vulnerable with ourselves, feeling pain and finding ways to sit with it. That happiness isn't something bestowed upon you but rather a choice you actively work for and control. You are a vessel between what lives in your heart and making it a reality.